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A Female Crew

May 29, 2008

Some guys can't take a joke. I got a lot of complaints on this one... mostly from men who didn't like the idea of women making fun of their gender.

Remember people... this isn't me talking, it's Alex Ze Pirate and her friends. They're obviously full of themselves (and with good reason too).

1st March 2012

1 year ago #8970537      

"Women just happen to be better than men in every way."
"And unlike men, we're not sexist at all!"

2 years ago #8576909      

half the women in this comic aren't crew members. one is an enemy and one hasn't been introduced

2 years ago #8446167      

I bet Sam does those things.

2 years ago #8395476      

I totally agree

3 years ago #8319521      

Go women! :D

3 years ago #8314287      

How do men get offended by THIS? We're MEN, we're supposed to smell bad. In fact, it's a compliment towards our manhood. ;D

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