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Best Laid Plans 01 euhiushg12

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Best Laid Plans 01 euhiushg12

I spent a lot of time on that first panel. I hate establishing shots, they're so much trouble sometimes. But it was worth it. :)

23rd May 2012


2 years ago #8376736      

The chicken in the first panel looks really awesome :D

2 years ago #8376242      

What are you up to Sam.........?

3 years ago #8348484      

@mylittleidea I noticed it FIRST! I should get a badge~~~ (see the first page, my first comment)

3 years ago #8348483      

something is wrong with the title? euhiushg12?

3 years ago #8348007      

The child turned into in a woman in 3 panels...o.o

3 years ago #8347600      

I was about to say that the weird name on the end of the titles was a method to make sure that no one can sneak ahead and just look at the images individually.

That's a pretty nasty bug with the random thing, though.

3 years ago #8347409      

@Furthurdead This is a known bug and will sorted out ASAP. I haven't had a chance to tell the Dayvi the admin yet.

Thanks for your help :)

3 years ago #8347252      

Sam has a 'stache. It's quite nice on him.

3 years ago #8346756      

I see Mario selling fruit.

3 years ago #8346741      

is that... Sam? with a moustache?

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