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Alex Ze Pirate

Alex Ze Pirate

High spirited, energetic, and daring, Alex is the captain of the ship. She can’t be shot at, and she can find her way out of impossible situations by doing something equally impossible. When she’s not trying to stockpile mounds of gold from plundered ships, she’s trying to find a boyfriend. However, Alex has a peculiar curse to hinder her quest: All the boys who are interested in her end up thinking she’s a boy too, and are gay.


A lot more mellow than the captain, but equally daring when the time comes, Atea is Alex’s first mate. Atea is part rat and at certain times of the month a tail and whiskers will appear on her. She’s very sensitive about her appearance and tries to hide it as much as possible. Atea also wants to have a romantic relationship with Alex, with or without her consent.


The unworthy slob, Sam is the cabin boy on the ship. All physical labor, chores, and cleaning fall under Sam’s charge. He takes it with good-humor though, and rarely complains. Sam is an orphan, and when he was 16 he was stolen from the orphanage by Alex.


Little is known about Talus’s history. Alex found him stranded on a deserted island and she kept him as the ship’s cook. His cuisine is excellent, if you like pineapples and fish. 15 years on that island has made Talus a bit nutty in the head, and he’s got a very bizarre obsession with nails. No one really knows what Talus is. It is conjectured that he’s a “dog person of ancient legends” although he resembles more a cat or beaver.

Uncle Peggy

Having no hands or feet will slow this pervert down. Alex’s uncle loves to peep on women (especially Atea). He’s loud, rude, boisterous, and energetic. He’s also the wise experience of the bunch, knowing a lot about ancient legends or treasure lore.


A rich aristocrat who’s love of art and antiques frequently bring her at odds with Alex. Aliunde will pay any price to get what she wants. Her castle is filled from top to bottom with ancient treasures and artifacts, and she’s got a fairly elaborate security system too, as Alex’s crew has come to discover. She has a wicked sense of humor and loves reading good books by the fire while drinking expensive wine. She and Alex also were best friends growing up, but something happened to sour their friendship.

Nina Ninja

As with most Ninjas, it’s almost impossible to find out anything about her. She loves to hoard medallions and is constantly trying to steal treasure from Alex.


He’s not the grim reaper. He can’t kill you, but he can doom you, which sometimes is almost as bad. Whenever there is bad luck or a chance of impending failure, Doom will rear his balding head. He frustrates and flusters his victims by hovering over them and chanting “doomed.”

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