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Family 01


Family 01


6th November 2012


1 year ago #8602954      

Being born Catholic, I always find it amusing how some people need to remember the sign of the cross.

1 year ago #8573365      

Aaaaaw it was his sister i hope the rest leaves him be so he can mourn in peace.

1 year ago #8573146      

... This is so sad...

1 year ago #8572927      


1 year ago #8572525      

I really hope you're continuing Alex Ze Pirate comics because I enjoy reading them and always looked forward to the next comic page! :)

1 year ago #8572272      

So sad...

@catgal I think he's just saying that to remember the directions for the sign of the cross.

1 year ago #8572223      


That's the sound I also make when I'm sneaking around.

1 year ago #8572195      

Aww Sam, thats sweet that he left to visit and pray at his sisters grave :)

1 year ago #8572003      

... Sister? Oh dear. SAAAAM! He lost his sister too? Why must the world be so cruel to him!? Now he has to mourn for his dead sister! Feeling bad yet, Alex!?

Also, about that 'north south east west' thing, is that like some kind of sea tradition? It's interesting.

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