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Family 03


10th November 2012


2 years ago #8579772      

I do the same as Sam... I dont get how some people are such narcissists, I always put others before myself.
I am currently the only child living full-time at home, and I still love taking care of people. I am pretty sure my parents would'nt be able to live without any kids in the house, so technically, I'm their last chance on being parents...

2 years ago #8576949      

*sniffle* oh dear that's so sweet... Alex must be feeling awful now...

2 years ago #8576623      

aaaaaw now the rest probly feels aweful for not showing some a bit of respect.

2 years ago #8576405      

Aww, Sam is 110% cooler now! :)

2 years ago #8576247      


2 years ago #8576234      

This story is definitely getting deep!

2 years ago #8576200      

I really want to hug him 3:

2 years ago #8575998      


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