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Family 15

And that's the end of the 3 part story arc involving Sam's worth and place within the Ze Pirate family/crew. Hope you enjoyed it!

4th December 2012

1 year ago #8985433      

When the artist introduced the series HE had a mustache.

2 years ago #8708996      

@SDchichiri It's a she, and yes, she will.

2 years ago #8673084      

Is he going to wright more?

2 years ago #8669287      


2 years ago #8655729      

Is there still more to come? I really like this seris and don't want it to end, but if it is going to end I would at least like to know.

2 years ago #8605506      

Will there be any more Alex Ze Pirate stories? I have no idea if Andy drew more in its time.

2 years ago #8603234      

some gold on the present would have been nice too

2 years ago #8602989      

And Peggy is partly cut off... WIN!!

2 years ago #8601685      

Saam~ Alright Alex, you have earned back my respect!

Loved the ending to this, it was so sweet! Sam is at home again, and all is right with the world! Yay!

2 years ago #8601673      

Aww, I like it! :D

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