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Topic: Ask about England and the UK III 2 minutes ago #9264910      

@AmericanButterfly #9264903

Well the rest of the union is nothing without England. It will be about 12,000,000 people with no strong cultural connection, no land borders, and few economic ties. Even the UK parliament is in England. Without England, there literally couldn't be a UK.


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 5 minutes ago #9264908      

@Bopnan ill go shower ^ ^ hope youre having a nice dinner!


16 O

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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 6 minutes ago #9264907      

@Bopnan well i think im allowed to say that its his fault. even if its a bit my fault too for not being able to say no, its still kinds his fault. the first time i touched myself (not including boobs) was hm.. i think it was either before or during winter break that year, that means after i had had sex with him the first time, i think. and we broke up in february 2013. but i cant say that i wasnt into that kind of stuff.. i had tried to touch myself but i just couldnt find any pleasure. though it felt cozy touching my boobs before going to sleep >-> i dont do that anymore, used to do it every night i think. It helped me fall asleep. ugh there are so many things i could tell you about this. there was this guy i met on a game and he was very sexual and he used to talk to me a lot.. and i cant say i didnt enjoy it. but i guess its just my personality. im not asexual or anything, and i wasnt asexual either. I dont think ive ever been asexual. but i guess its just the way i am. im careful and i giggle when someone says penisand i dont know why. Its just the way i am
pff X3 how do you hit yourself there? but it probably hurt a lot, i shouldnt laugh >->


19 F

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Topic: What's on your mind 73 10 minutes ago #9264905      

It feels so much later than it is.


20 M
Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #23 13 minutes ago #9264904      

Gotta go have dinner. See ya in some minutes.

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