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Topic: politics/culture discussion from Nordic Council 3 minutes ago #9140719      

Sounds like if collage in USA is similar to gymnasium in Sweden, and high school is like högstadiet (the last tre years of the foundation school). You can start working right after foundation school if you wish it, and have some major luck (getting a job is not easy nowdays), but mot go to the gymnasium. You basicly need a university exam to be able to get a decent job nowdays, if even then.
I get 8000 swedish kronor a month after tax, loan and given money counted, but since I dont know what the USdollar is worth compared the the swedish krona at the moment, I can not give you a number graspable for your economy. The discount is 1,2 percent. It is a lot to study, at least if you study social psychology like I do, but most of the work is being done at home. We dont have many classes a week, and the amount vary.
I think the fear of taxes is a consequense of USA being a young country, based upon liberal principles. People will have to realize that the situation is not the same now as it was when Abraham Lincoln was president. The every man for himself ideal dosent work anymore.


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Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #3 4 minutes ago #9140718      

@ProudSwede #9140690
Good morning!


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Topic: How your country solves its problems 15 minutes ago #9140717      

@Rizzy423 #9140660

Never heard that word before. 'Mocracy


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Topic: Elcano drunk talk thread. NSFW 15 minutes ago #9140716      

@Aamurusko #9140709

доброе утро.


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Topic: Romance Languages Thread IX 18 minutes ago #9140715      

@Mexicana #9140588
Jjujuju no está mal, habla de manzanitas lindas. XD

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