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Topic: politics/culture discussion from Nordic Council 6 minutes ago #9248458      

"At least that part would have been fun. There must have been some reason why your father wanted the job, so he probably enjoyed at least some of it".

My dad is a romantic and one of the few outspoken swedish nationalists that I know of. He likes the masculine glamour that couvers the millitary, and the whole "standing up for your country"-bit.

"Sweden is probably too stable right now to have any major revolts, so at least you won't see society completely go to pot, even though some old problems mar immerge".

Yes. I guess our only realy big threat in this age is Russia.

"It is not so much about how much power he has as what his motives are for getting that power. Politicians in America often have little personal responsibility or concept of the big picture. If they do something radical, regardless of position, it is usually about themselves".

A major cultural difference, then. What you write reminds me of the scandals that have sacked political careers in USA ans Sweden. What little I know of this subject in USA have mostly concerned sexual affairs and the like (with Watergate as an exeption), while it in sweden have been much less focus on the personal lives of the politicians, and more on if they use tax money for personal need (even if it concerns very small sums).


20 M
Topic: A Talk with Bopnan #20 15 minutes ago #9248457      

Good morning.
Wow. That's awful. How did it go?


21 M
Topic: Leaders of Your Country Doing Stuff 22 minutes ago #9248455      

Former state minister Göran Persson salutes der Führer.


Göran points at the sky


His Majesty Carl XVI Gustaf of house Bernadotte smiles:


Former swedish state minister Tage Erlander and former Soviet prime minister Nikita Chrusjtjov (and some other guy) in a boat in lake Harpsund outside of my home town Flen:


Topic: Welcome on board our ship! Aamu&Elcano. NSFW. V 32 minutes ago #9248454      

@Aamurusko #9248452
Okay bye dear. -)

Topic: Welcome on board our ship! Aamu&Elcano. NSFW. V 33 minutes ago #9248453      

We have a palace, the visit is 3 euros, also from the cliffs next to the palace you can do great photos of ships when they go out of the bay. ^^

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